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Curriculum - EdD in Instructional Leadership

The EdD in Instructional Leadership consists of 72 credit hours beyond the master's degree. In addition to core courses, students must complete 12 credit hours in the area of research, up to 12 credit hours in the social foundations of education, and 12 credit hours of dissertation research.

Post-master's graduate coursework can be transferred with advisor approval and compliance with UA Graduate School policies.


  • AEL 682 Leadership and Organizations: Theory and Applications
  • AEL 671 Survey of Instructional Supervision
  • AEL 650 Organizational Theory
  • AEL 618 Advanced Educational Law
  • BER 631 Inquiry as Interpretation: Qualitative I
  • BER 632 Reflexiveness and Resistance in Research Representation: Qualitative II
  • BER 640 Quantitative II
  • Advisor Approved Research Course
  • BEF 503 History of American Education
  • BEF 667 Multicultural and Social Education for Leadership Personnel
  • AEL 619 Politics of Education
  • AEL 699 Dissertation Research

Please note that courses are subject to change.