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The Discovering Alabama Ecology Weekend Science Program offers the unique opportunity for individuals to engage in hands-on biological research to enhance their professional competency as science teachers. The program incorporates the natural history framework of the Discovering Alabama public television series to provide teachers with ecological information, field experience, and instruction materials. A series of (4) 1 hour credit courses serve to provide science credit at the undergraduate and graduate levels to meet Alabama State Board of Education Highly Qualified Teacher requirements. In addition, science teachers who participate in the program will be equipped to serve as proactive leaders within their departments at the secondary and postsecondary levels.

This program is designed for individuals who are: 1) current science teachers working in secondary schools who seek to fulfill highly qualified teacher requirements, 2) New College LifeTrack students seeking to fulfill science requirements for degree completion (assuming they meet course prerequisites), and 3) science educators seeking eventual completion of an advanced degree in science education. Further, as the only weekend science program of its kind in the state, the program stands to attract those, locally and regionally, who would otherwise find it difficult to attend classes regularly held on the Tuscaloosa campus.

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