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Curriculum - BS in HES Human Development and Family Studies (Child Development Practitioner)

This program is designed for Head Start teachers who wish to complete a bachelor's degree while maintaining their job and family responsibilities. This program offers a dynamic, high-quality, professional development training model to help improve the quality of education and care provided through Head Start programs in Alabama.

The Child Development Practitioner program requires the completion of 120 hours with a minimum of 30 hours from The University of Alabama. Because Head Start teachers are required to hold an associate's degree, students entering this program may have earned up to 60 hours from a two-year institution. Some may have additional coursework from a four-year institution and/or from the Child Development Associate Credential Program. No more than 60 hours can be transferred from a two year institution. Students who hold an associate's degree in Child Development from a community college in Alabama will be allowed to transfer 24 hours of their CHD work toward this degree. Eighteen hours will be accepted from the community college as a minor in Family and Consumer Sciences in CHES as follows:

  • HD 201 Child Growth and Development
  • HD 203 Children's Literature and Language Development
  • HD 204 Methods and Materials
  • HD 206 Children's Health and Safety
  • HD 210 Exceptional Learners
  • HD 214 Families and Communities

In addition, the following six additional hours will be accepted into this program:

  • HD 202* Infancy and Toddlerhood
  • HD 205* Preschool Development

Students without an associate's degree may be eligible for prior learning credit. Students will be required to complete any courses needed to satisfy the core curriculum (available online) as well as 21 additional HDFS hours, which will be online courses:

  • HD 302 Child Development, Adolescence
  • HD 321* Conceptual Creative Experiences I
  • HD 322* Conceptual Creative Experiences II
  • HD 382 Parent and Family Development
  • HD 422 Child Centers and Programs
  • HD 472 Program Evaluation - View a sample of this course  - students are asked to participate in a matching exercise to review research design.
  • SPE 471 Developmental Perspectives of Young Children with Disabilities - View a sample of this course - students will later be asked to participate in an interactive exercise to create a poster about gross and fine motor interventions based on the example shown here.

*Course requires a field placement component at a NAEYC accredited preschool.