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August 2017 Bama By Distance Graduation Reception

For some, summertime means warm beaches and lying by the pool. But for the latest distance learning graduates from The University of Alabama, summer means the end of an important journey – earning a degree. We were thrilled to have some of those graduates join us in person in Tuscaloosa to receive their diplomas. 

Like all UA students, the University invites distance learning students to attend graduation on campus. In August, Bama By Distance hosted its third graduation reception and welcomed over 60 graduates from 25 states. After years of working together, students, professors, classmates and their families had an opportunity to meet face-to-face — and have a little fun! They shopped at the Supe Store booth, toured the Paul W. Bryant Museum and met with representatives from UA’s National Alumni Association.

Graduation Reception Attendees

Graduate folders

UA Supe Store table

We were honored to share this moment with so many graduates, and we hope that their words can help encourage you if you’re considering enrolling in an online degree program from UA. 

“My degree from The University of Alabama separates me from the rest of my peers. Having a graduate degree in aerospace engineering and mechanics will give me a competitive edge throughout my career.” – Darrell Jordan, Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics 

“While many institutions offer online degree programs, The University of Alabama offers the most diverse and interesting range. The instructors are intelligent and friendly. I would recommend this program to anyone and I have done so frequently.” – Sara Fryer, Bachelor of Science in HES, Food and Nutrition 

“As an adult learner and as an athlete, I chose to enroll because this program provided me with a learning environment that worked with my life, rather than a more restrictive college program. I could not have reached this point without the New College LifeTrack program.” – Shaun Castle, Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies 

“I am very proud to earn my degree from The University of Alabama because of the University’s reputation for excellence. I have gained a wealth of knowledge that positively impacts my teaching. I feel the education I received has enabled me to become a better teacher.” – Stacy Hall, Master of Arts in Elementary Education 

“This degree stands out — even among those who aren't as familiar with the quality of education available at The University of Alabama. As the marketing field becomes increasingly data-driven, I am proud that I was able to continue my education and earn a degree uniquely developed to prepare me for success.” – Rachel Childers, Master of Science in Marketing, specialization in Marketing Analytics 

If you are ready to start your UA journey or have any questions about earning your degree from The University of Alabama through distance learning, please contact us to learn more!